During my Spring 2017 semester at Bradley University, I participated in what they call a "catapult team". It is based off a department wide poll of the best ideas for games and once the best ideas are established, groups of students go through a recruitment process to find the best qualifications for the team. 
A "catapult team" is a group of students that work outside of classes to create a game for the purpose of showing it at the department's portfolio show hosted at the Riverfront Museum at the end of the semester. What my team developed was Feast Hall Frenzy.
Feast Hall Frenzy is a minecraft-esque virtual reality game. It looks similar in appearance, however, the genre of Feast Hall Frenzy is the complete opposite of Minecraft. Instead of building things, Feast Hall Frenzy is a sandbox destruction game. You can destroy almost anything within the environment with the use of spells (you are a wizard!) and come out of the experience with the satisfaction of being able to cause havoc in a virtual space (without the mess of sprawling chairs, tables, and food in reality. Which, I have to say, would be a pain to clean up!).
The role I played in the development of Feast Hall Frenzy was a 3D modeler. I created most of the indoor props. Only one of the models didn't make it into the final build (which was due to a change in theme), but otherwise, there was heavy use of my models. After all, it's a feast hall! What's a feast hall without food?
This is the staff concept art I created before making the 3D model of the staff. Since it was one of the most important objects of the game (considering the user would be holding the staff in their hand), I created a few theme-based sketches and the group picked the top three to be modeled and shown in-game.

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