During my Spring 2017 semester at Bradley University, I participated in what they call a "catapult team". It is based off a department wide poll of the best ideas for games and once the best ideas are established, groups of students go through a recruitment process to find the best qualifications for the team. 
A "catapult team" is a group of students that work outside of classes to create a game for the purpose of showing it at the department's portfolio show hosted at the Riverfront Museum at the end of the semester. What my team developed was Tom's Treasure Trove.
Tom's Treasure Trove is an Augmented Reality game made for android tablets for an audience of 3+. Ever wanted to feel like a pirate on a journey to find treasure? Now you can! This game is designed to take children and adults alike on a journey through physical space to find virtual gems and goodies, allowing them to interact with the objects via tablet screen. 
The role I played in this team is that of a 3D modeler. I was given a base character and, through blender and maya, I modified the model into the main character of Tom's Treasure Trove. I modeled, UV mapped, and textured Tom in a way that he would work cohesively with our other models, which were low-poly and had a similar styled texture. 

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